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Madder Plant Red - Garance Rouge

Origin: Germany

Madder Plant is a 100% natural reddish pigment and can be used in dyes and painting. it is also known as Rubia tinctorum, garance, rose madder, common madder, Turkey red or dyer's madder. It is made from the perennial plant from the Rubiaceae family.

Madder Plant has been used since ancient times as a red dye for leather, wool, cotton and silk. It is sold in a 30ml package.

This product is not harmful but protective equipment is recommended when using the product to avoid it getting in the eyes, inhaling the dust or getting it on the skin. Madder Plant should never be ingested.

Aspect: Powder Form 

Colour: Reddish

Safety Data Sheet

Madder Plant Red - Garance Rouge

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