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BASE 2 | Smooth Interior Primer

 Plant/Vegetal-based, 95% Natural Primer | Smooth, matte finish

Please note that any colour on the Color-Rare color charts can be used with this product. For colour options not shown below, please select "Custom Colour" when you order and email the colour name and code to

Technical Sheet Safety Data Sheet 

  • Primer Coat for natural paints and lime-based paints  & coatings (Stucco Palladio).
  • Product may be applied with a brush or roller.
  • High environmental quality, 95% natural ecological product.
  • Suitable for interior walls & ceilings. (drywall, previously painted surfaces, wood)
  • Can also be used as a finish paint coat, by applying a total of 2 or 3 coats.
  • Semi-creamy, white.
  • Brushes and rollers can be cleaned with soap and water.
  • 100% VOC Free
  • Odorless

COVERAGE: Approximately 6-8 sq meters per liter* | 60-80 sqft depending on the dilution and surface conditions.  *1 liter = 1.057 quart.

 Made in Italy.



Colors shown are for information purposes only: Actual colors may vary from the color on your screen due to monitor differences.

BASE 2 | Smooth Interior Primer

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Average coverage: 260 sq. ft. per gallon

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