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Bitumen of Judea

Bitumen of Judea, a naturally occurring asphalt, is used for the coloration of wood and can be used with natural oils, waxes, oil based varnishes and glazes.

Bitumen of Judea adheres easily to stone, wood and metal (old iron pieces).  Bitumen of Judea is an organic pigment, soluble in turpentine essence, mineral essence or citrus terpenes.


Preparation : The surface needs to be dry and clean. Combine Judea Bitumen with a vegetal or petroleum solvent and add to your choice of oil, wax, varnish or glaze.

Important: Apply stained oil only in the first layer.

Application : Apply generously and uniformly with a Stain Pad or a Stain Applicator.

Application tools : Stain pad, Stain applicator, Cotton rag

Number of coats : 1 coat

Bitumen of Judea

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